Welcome to Grizzly! 

If you are looking for a functional and fun exercise which combines high mental abilities. If you have watched the TV show from your living-room couch and it all seemed too easy…
And even if you are dreaming of becoming Israel’s next Ninja, the ‘Grizzly’ compounds is the right place for you! There are two compounds: one locate at Petah-Tikva and the other one at Bat Hefer.
The compounds integrates a range of sport devices in different difficulty levels, which can accommodate every trainee. All of the devices have been planned, built and tested by a professional crew with vast experience in the extreme activity sector, for both children and adults. Every device has been built with workout quality in mind, as well as in-doors safety.
In addition to being a facility combing high-intensity workout alongside fun activities, the Grizzly compound offers to host birthdays and private events for individuals, groups, organisations and companies.
Feel like giving it a try? The Grizzly crew is awaiting you!


We are very happy to tell you that after the our crew got some very good achievements at the first season of the Ninja Israel TV show!

The Two Grizzly compounds are open and waiting for you! don’t forget to bring your sport shoes and book your place in advance.


How To Reach the GRIZZLYS?

Bat Hefer:

  1. at Waze, go to the address “Grizzly Bat Hefer”
  2. At the small shopping mall, climb to the upper floor, we are at the east side.


  1. At waze, go to “Grizzly Petah Tikva” (גריזלי פתח תקווה)
  2. when you reach the address, you will see our compound on the floor level.

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